Often, a thorough evaluation of the organisation can result in improved performance without the need for substantial investment in assets. Many improvements are achieved with little or no capital expense.

Using a combination of local knowledge, logic and our trademark systematic approach, we will carefully assess every aspect of the department to see where its management and level of service can be improved.

Coupled with our unique experience and instinct, GES draws on best practices encountered globally and applies the most appropriate methods to suit each particular case. This does not mean simply replicating practices from North America or Western Europe. We have encountered methods being used by Fire Services in developing countries that are more effective and economical; we only select the very best practices to suit local needs.

No one appreciates a lengthy, expensive report, full of unrealistic recommendations that are impractical for local managers to implement after the “expert” has left. We are the only consultants who practice what we preach, working hand in hand with local officials and empowering them with world class knowledge until the desired standards have been reached.