In 2001 I was given the task of designing and creating a national fire and rescue service from concept to completion.
I had the opportunity to adopt the very best international practices I had encountered and apply them to the new service. The result was a model organization, which attracted global attention and resulted in demands for the same treatment from governments worldwide.
I took the difficult decision to retire early from the UK Fire Service and sacrificed a comfortable career and pension to dedicate my life to improving Fire Departments worldwide, independently and without any political agenda.

I am now regarded as a pioneer of international fire service reform; over the last 22 years I have established a global reputation as an innovative project manager and developed a systematic approach to finding the most effective and affordable solutions to fire, rescue and emergency needs for any given community or country.

My work has been the subject of various industry articles and I am regularly invited to speak at industry conferences and seminars about my methods and experiences.