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We are specialists in improving the operational response and efficiency of fire and rescue services worldwide.

When your fire department has not performed as expected, requires modernisation or you simply need to know how efficient or cost effective it is, GES can help.

A slow response or badly handled emergency can attract public criticism, disputes with unions and have legal implications, amongst others.

Is the fire service requesting more funds, new vehicles, equipment or facilities?
We establish the difference between what they want and what they really need.

Having worked with emergency services in over 30 countries on 5 continents, GES is the only independent company with unparalleled global experience in the fire, rescue and disaster management sector.

Better response times, more effective emergency management, improved public image, facility design, cutting edge training and operating procedures, are just some of the portfolio of services that we offer.

Our clients range from governments and NGO’s to private institutions, from the reform of national emergency services to the design of domestic and aviation facilities for private corporations. We are the only consultants that will review, recommend and physically implement solutions to improve your fire service.